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Defensive Arts Can Reshape Your Life

Most people move through life without developing the ability to protect themselves, or the people that they love.  We hope to avoid the situations that might put us at risk... and we cross our fingers, hoping for the best.  

But women often look over their shoulders when they jog at night.  

Kids end up physically bullied, without the confidence to stand up for themselves.

Men are expected to be the last line of defense between the bad guys and their families, without having the information that they need for such an important job.  

Here at Project Uppercut, we teach people how to stand up for themselves and to confidently solve these problems. 

building confidence in yourself

Train To Win

You learn a lot about yourself when studying the art of self defense. 

You'll become aware of your physical limitations; how many punches can you throw before your lungs begin to burn?  Can you push through that feeling?  If you can,  where does your real limit exist? 

You'll learn how to deal with panic.  The art of Jiu Jitsu will twist you into uncomfortable pretzel-like positions, and frequently challenge your ability to breathe.  Eventually, you'll learn how to survive on the smallest stream of fresh air; if you can still breathe, you can still overcome your opponent.  

You'll learn how to win and lose gracefully.  Self defense is a fight.  You will need to stand across from someone and overcome their will.  In that process, you're going to lose... a lot.  Tapping out is part of the process.   But to be confident enough in your abilities to give you peace of mind, you will need to get used to winning.  

All of this learning will eventually add up to you believing in yourself... and in your ability to protect those around you.  

The Benefits of Learning Self Defense

Self Discipline

Training yourself to have willpower, self control, and discipline will help you to achieve a lot of your goals in life.  


Training is just good old fashioned fun.  You'll make a lot of friends, and play a very rough game of "chess" with them.  


Martial Arts are phenomenal exercise.  Why run in place on a treadmill when you can work your body and learn a valuable skill?


When you are armed with the right techniques and mindset, you can protect yourself, and the people around you.  

Stand Up For Yourself

Fear of abuse or violence can lead you to make fearful decisions that you might regret in the future.   If you're confident in your ability to protect yourself, you will be more likely to stand up for yourself.


If the world had more martial artists, it would have fewer bullies.  Bullies doubt themselves, and they pick easy targets to make themselves feel bold.  You will BE bold... which will improve your overall mindset.

Empower Yourself Today

Empower yourself with a warrior's mentality.  The journey won't be easy, but you can do it.   And as you press forward, you will feel both your mind and body harden.   Your confidence will grow, as will your bravery.  Soon enough, you'll be teaching others how to make the same strides in their own lives, as we pass this knowledge to the people that we love.

Your journey into the world of self-defense starts with one step, and you can take that step right now.  

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