The Real Secret To Women's Self Defense

The real “secret” in the game of women’s self defense is proving that you have the ability to do real physical damage to the person trying to attack you.  Interestingly enough, you don’t actually have to DO the damage; you just need to prove that you can.  

For example, if a guy corners you in an alley, and you pull a long, ugly looking knife from the holster on your belt.  You probably won’t have to lift another finger to ‘end’ that fight, because that fight is just never going to start.

Once the guy’s pants have been sufficiently pooped, he’ll turn around and go home… and so can you.  Whatever the attacker “wants”, is never worth dying over.  

While it might not be the solution for you, rapidly pulling out a firearm is by far the best way to prove that you have the ability to do damage… but, understandably, gun laws and ‘comfort levels’ don’t always allow this to be a possibility. 

Weaponry: it’s by far the easiest way to prove that you have the ability to do damage, without having to do any damage.

And yet, despite this ridiculously simple solution, nine out of ten women reading this article will never carry a weapon!

Those that do tend to carry a generic pepper spray that they've never even tested, and it's made insanely inaccessible.

Weapons are just somehow out of the question.  Not only are they unfashionable, they bear a degree of responsibility that many women just don't like.  I, myself, am a gun owner, and I leave the house with it maybe one day out of the year.  That doesn’t do a whole lot of good in the ‘self defense’ space, unless I get extremely lucky with the 1/365 odds that I apparently rely upon.  

I hope I choose the right day!  *fingers crossed*

Nevertheless, my firearm pulls down my board shorts, and the exposure of my back-side is unbecoming. 

I shall settle for being 'less prepared', depending on my outfit.  

Women who actually carry a knife are often completely unprepared to draw the darn knife!  The same goes for ‘pepper spray’ and any other quick self defense solution.  After all, how can you possibly do damage if you can’t even find your weapon as it kicks around your purse amidst your phone, chapstick, change, and 982 other random items that you stick into that thing?

Attacks come out of nowhere

The attacker, if at all smart, will try to take you by surprise.  

A weapon, if you choose to carry one, needs to be able to come out just as quickly... and just as surprisingly.  There is no time to waste.  In fact, it would help you to have a few techniques in your pocket that will help you create space for your weapon draw.  

(thank you to Fight Smart for providing this material)

Now if you’re not going to carry a weapon, the only remaining choice is to turn your body into one.  Your fists, knees, elbows, and shins must represent your ability to do damage… and your attacker must be made to understand the devastation that rests within them.  

If this is the route that you wish to take, your next step is to learn which weapons are best utilized by women for self defense.  

Click Here to head over to that article, and I'll start introducing you to the techniques we need.